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Making Toys without Joy

SACOM's latest report says that the hardship of the toy factory workers is a consequence of squeezing the unit prices in the global supply chain.

URGENT ACTION: Mattel needs to act!

It is time for Mattel to assume responsibility.
The family of the deceased Mattel worker Nianzhen Hu are still waiting for a fair compensation and Mattel must change its purchasing practices to safeguard the workers' physic and mental conditions.

Urgent Appeal: Suicide at Mattel supplier

Due to work related stress and repeated humiliation, a 45 year old female worker jumped out of a window on the sixth floor at Tai Qiang Factory, a Mattel supplier in China.

Petition hand-over to ICTI

ICTI receives almost 13.000 signatures demanding better conditions for workers in toy factories

ICTI needs to act!

The International Council of Toy Industries ICTI has been approached by a coalition of NGOs campaigning for fair working conditions in toy production, including the partners of "Stop Toying Around!".

New report on two Chinese toy factories:

The recent report called "Exploitations of Toy Factory Workers at the Bottom of the Global Supply Chain" reveals that violations of human and workers rights remain even in certified toy factories in China.

What we do

First of all, we would like to address all toy consumers, no matter if you have children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren, work for a crèche, kindergarten or school, lead a youth group or if you have stayed young yourself and enjoy playing with toys.

We want to inform consumers, media and politicians about the situation of Chinese toy workers and it is our goal to start a dialogue amongst multinational toy companies, toy traders, NGOs and Chinese workers and their representatives in order to eventually help improve the situation of toy workers in China.

In order to achieve our ultimate goal to help improve toy worker’s lives in China, we do the following:

  • We inform consumers through newsletters, materials, seminars, trainings.
  • We inform the media through regular press work, press conferences and by taking journalists to Hong Kong.
  • We will set up a photo database and produce a TV and radio spot.
  • We engage in dialogue with stakeholders like toy companies and political decision makers.
  • We organise local stunts in all 5 countries.
  • We will bring our partners from Hong Kong and China to Europe.
  • We implement Urgent Appeals to remedy the situation of individual factory workers who ask us for help.
  • We try to motivate you to get active.
  • And much more...