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Making Toys without Joy

SACOM's latest report says that the hardship of the toy factory workers is a consequence of squeezing the unit prices in the global supply chain.

URGENT ACTION: Mattel needs to act!

It is time for Mattel to assume responsibility.
The family of the deceased Mattel worker Nianzhen Hu are still waiting for a fair compensation and Mattel must change its purchasing practices to safeguard the workers' physic and mental conditions.

Urgent Appeal: Suicide at Mattel supplier

Due to work related stress and repeated humiliation, a 45 year old female worker jumped out of a window on the sixth floor at Tai Qiang Factory, a Mattel supplier in China.

Petition hand-over to ICTI

ICTI receives almost 13.000 signatures demanding better conditions for workers in toy factories

ICTI needs to act!

The International Council of Toy Industries ICTI has been approached by a coalition of NGOs campaigning for fair working conditions in toy production, including the partners of "Stop Toying Around!".

New report on two Chinese toy factories:

The recent report called "Exploitations of Toy Factory Workers at the Bottom of the Global Supply Chain" reveals that violations of human and workers rights remain even in certified toy factories in China.

URGENT ACTION: Mattel needs to act!

It is time for Mattel to assume responsibility.
The family of the deceased Mattel worker Nianzhen Hu are still waiting for a fair compensation and Mattel must change its purchasing practices to safeguard the workers' physic and mental conditions.

Support us now! Write to Mattel!

On May 16th 2011, Nianzhen Hu, a female worker in a factory producing toys for Mattel, one of the sector’s global leader, decided to commit suicide at her work place. A month later, partners of the “Stop Toying Around!” Campaign launched an Urgent Appeal urging Mattel to take up its own responsibilities. Despite the start of a dialogue with the company, demands for the family’s compensation and improvements of the working conditions in the supplier’s factory remain unmet. Therefore we must continue the pressure!

For the “Stop Toying Around!” Campaign, the commitment of toy companies’ to accept their responsibilty can only be achieved through the inauguration of a genuine dialogue with all stakeholders of the sector. Therefore Mattel is invited to participate in a Round Table in January in 2012, in order tolisten to, amongst others, the voices of Chinese factory workers. Support this initiative!!!

Join more than 7000 consumers! Protest now!

Over 7,000 European consumers and citizens, eager to see Mattel taking up its responsibilities, sent a letter of protest to Mattel International and Mattel France CEOs in June 2011. In response to this protest, Mattel answered that Nianzhen Hu’s suicide at its supplier Sturdy Products – Taiqiang was an “isolated event”, unrelated to her working environment. This conclusion goes against an investigation led by our Chinese partner SACOM in August 2011 at the very same factory, which revealed strong violations of Chinese labour law regarding wages, overtime and child labour. China Labor Watch, who had initiated the Urgent Appeal in June 2011, has recently published investigation reports on two other Mattel suppliers in China: Jida Toy and Dongguan Plastic Cement Products. The conclusions of these investigations confirm the violations of workers’ rights at several of Mattel’s suppliers.

Rights violations continued
Around 80% of our toys are « Made in China ». In September 2011, in the middle of the Christmas rush production, Chinese workers at Jida Toy had to work over 11 hours a day on 6 days a week. This is way beyond the limit established by law. In August, they only had a one day break. Delivery times imposed by Mattel to its supplier are borne at the end of the supply chain, forcing workers to adopt inhumane production rates. Competition between Chinese factories to attract investments from toy companies further weakens workers’ situation. Thus, the prices set by Mattel to its suppliers Jida Toy and Dongguan Grand Plastic Cement Products are too low for workers to earn decent wages.

Workers from Dongguan Grand Plastic Cement Products are also victims of gender discriminations. Many of them told investigators that they suffered various forms of sexual harassment.

Mattel can do better!
It is worrying to observe that the 3 factories concerned in the investigation reports of our Chinese partners are all certified by the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI).
The limits of its certification process have been shown and discussed between various NGOs and ICTI for years now. Besides the lack of transparency, the non-consideration of companies’ purchasing policies can partially explain why ICTI’s monitoring system does not efficiently ensure workers rights’ .
The factory in which Nianzhen Hu used to work holds an ICTI certificate. It is time for Mattel to act responsibly by paying a decent compensation to Nianzhen’s family and by addressing its purchasing practices in order to alleviate moral and physical pressure on workers.

In the absence of any freedom of association, it is extremely difficult for workers to enforce their rights. They are not represented in any organisation aiming at monitoring the respect of their rights.

In order to find a way out of this situation, Chinese and European partners of the “Stop Toying Around!” Campaign organise a round-table with various stakeholders of the toy industry, including Chinese workers’ organisations, on January 12th 2012 in order to promote an open dialogue about the challenges that the toy industry faces. Mattel’s participation in this round-table would be a loud and clear message to other toy companies in the world.

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